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Minnesota's #1
Peer Recovery
Workforce Development 

Bold North Recovery

Bold North Recovery is a training and education organization. Our focus is on building, growing and sustaining the substance use disorder peer recovery workforce in Minnesota and beyond.  

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Peer Recovery Workforce Training

Bold North Recovery offers peer recovery workforce training and education for individuals in substance use disorder recovery who are interested in entering the workforce in Minnesota and beyond. This includes Recovery Coach Academy training.

Overdose Prevention Education & Training

In partnership with the Steve Rummler HOPE Network, BNR provides overdose prevention and naloxone education and training.

Advocacy Training & Education

BNR advocates for programs, policies and legislation to address fair and equitable recovery-oriented systems of care for individuals and families dealing with substance use disorders. 

Glacier River

2022 Impact in Numbers:


More than 9,000 CEUs were available to award to participants. 


Trained more than 800 participants from 100+ cities, 10+ states and 2 countries.


Provided 353+ training hours to participants. 


Implemented and hosted 44 trainings and presentations.


Collaborated and partnered with 50+ organizations.

Bold North Recovery News

Stay up to date on our upcoming trainings and events. 

Jesse Kaplan, RCP, CPRSR, CPS

“The Peer Recovery classes that Randy Anderson offers have been instrumental in gaining the needed CEUs towards recertification of my credentials. Besides that, Randy Anderson is a terrific trainer who I am able to learn, glean and grow from by his example. I would highly recommend people to participate in training with Randy for both of those reasons. I approve of Randy Anderson being able to continue to provide these valuable services. Thank you."


Michelle Roy, CPRS

“Without this class I would have had to pay for my CEUs. Trying to figure out which ones would help me gave me anxiety. The CEUs my employer offers are directed at mental health and LADCs. It was also great to talk to other CPRS and see how they handle things in their role. I am super glad I was given the opportunity to take this class. Thanks Randy!”

Emily VanBallegooyen

“As a full-time student with a full-time job, it’s a big stress to stay on top of everything, and CEUs are one of those things. I’m really grateful to Randy at Bold North Recovery for providing relevant, quality trainings for free. Having these trainings relieves the financial burden and allows me to continue to do what I love. I know I benefit from these trainings, and the individuals I serve are direct recipients of those benefits, as well."

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