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What Our Client's Say

“Randy's CEU offerings make staying up to date with peer recovery work substantially easier to navigate. As a new and evolving field, there are many updates to navigate. Randy's courses provide an important combination of ease of access with a rigorous and engaging program that challenges our thinking. His work has improved my own practice in peer recovery, and I actively recommend his program to other peer recovery workers.” - David A.


“Having the opportunity to take the grant-funded continuing education classes through Bold North Recovery and Consulting enabled my organization to take significant strides toward becoming one that offers PRS training in our community. Without these course offerings, many of my staff wouldn’t be able to afford the necessary continuing education required for recertification. It has strengthened our workforce and improved our peer's preparedness and efficacy in the field. I highly recommend that funding for this project be extended to continue to provide this high-quality much-needed resource to our peer workforce.” - Tiffany Neuharth, RCP, CPRSR, LADC, Executive Director - Rise Up Recovery.


“If I did not have this training paid for, I probably would not be working in the field of addiction. The training allowed me to continue working and help people potentially save their own lives; this is what matters to me.” - Ashton W.


“I was delighted to have the opportunity for recertification & fees paid in full by the scholarship provided through Bold North Recovery. I was concerned I would not be able to attend training and pay for the recertification due to the exponential increase in cost-of-living expenses. I did not know how to fit it into my budget this year. Thanks to the available funding, I am relieved of the stressful concern.” - Carolyn N.


“Finding affordable, quality CEU's for Peer Recovery Specialists is not an easy feat. I have learned and thoroughly enjoyed all the training I was fortunate enough to attend with Bold North Recovery. I would love to see more opportunities like this for this field in the future.” - Tiffany R.



“I am very grateful for this program. I have tried to find other CEU's I can take that are necessary for my certification and had struggled until I was referred to Bold North Recovery. Randy has made it super easy for us to get the required CEU's and his trainings are always fun and informative!” - Becky A.


“Without this class I would have had to pay for my CEUs. Trying to figure out which ones would help me gave me anxiety. The CEUs my employer offers are directed at mental health and LADCs. It was also great to talk to other CPRS and see how they handle things in their role. I am super glad I was given the opportunity to take this class. Thanks Randy!” - Michelle Roy, CPRS


“The grant funding that was offered to me by Randy Anderson was an absolute blessing. Randy and Bold North communicated with me via telephone and scheduled me for all of my CEUs online, which was very helpful since our treatment team & field in general is so short staff. His trainings provided me the credits I will need to maintain my certification and continue to be of service of helping others. Before Randy reached out to me, I was struggling to find classes or trainings to get the CEUs I needed and felt really worried about what that would look like, if I didn’t locate trainings required. I feel so blessed for this opportunity.” - Chelsie Schwartz


“I want to say a few words about the trainings that I have taken with Randy Anderson, Bold North Recovery. His trainings are dynamic, informative and engaging, even considering they are over Zoom!” -  Ken R.


“Having Bold North Recovery offer CEUs makes finding and obtaining them uncomplicated, for those of us with very busy schedules. Randy Anderson always provides each of us with advanced notice for opportunities. Acquiring CEUs through Bold North Recovery & Consulting is very much appreciated.” - Erika F.


“I’m extremely grateful to had the opportunity to take part in CEU classes with Randy Anderson at Bold North Recovery for my CPRS certification.  Randy made it so easy - he called me on the phone and went over the classes he was offering and when, and got me all signed up.  I did not have to search for CEU opportunities or worry about the expense.” - Heather H.


“My name is Jonda Crum. I am a woman in long term recovery. January the 31st will be 6 years sober. I have been a CPRS for 3 years now. My first year of the CEUs was torture trying to get the CEUs ,pay for some, and work at the same time. Randy Anderson’s class was very convenient and very informative. I felt like with his classes I learned more than I have these past 3 years of scrambling to get my CEUs. Thank you.”


“As a full-time student with a full-time job, it’s a big stress to stay on top of everything, and CEUs are one of those things. I’m really grateful to Randy at Bold North Recovery for providing relevant, quality trainings for free. Having these trainings relieves the financial burden and allows me to continue to do what I love. I know I benefit from these trainings, and the individuals I serve are direct recipients of those benefits, as well.” - Emily VanBallegooyen


“The Peer Recovery classes that Randy Anderson offers have been instrumental in gaining the needed CEUs towards recertification of my credentials. Besides that, Randy Anderson is a terrific trainer who I am able to learn, glean and grow from by his example. I would highly recommend people to participate in training with Randy for both of those reasons. I approve of Randy Anderson being able to continue to provide these valuable services. Thank you.” - Jesse Kaplan, RCP, CPRSR, CPS

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