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White House Recovery Month Summit 2023

September 20, 2023

On Wednesday September 20, 2023 Bold North Recovery's Founder, Randy Anderson, had the honor and privilege to be invited to The White House complex to attend the White House Recovery Month Summit. Two very important solutions were discussed.

#1 - engaging youth, especially youth in recovery, and providing all the support they need to sustain and achieve long term recovery. Youth recovery and recovery high schools are prevention.

#2 - ensuring that employers have the tools they need to support their workforce, more importantly those that may be struggling with substance use. Recovery Friendly Workplaces are imperative to help solve this crisis.

A HUGE shout out to Dr Rahul Gupta, President Joe Biden's Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and staff at ONDCP for bringing us all together and listening to those with lived experience. #RecoveryMonth #RecoveryVoicesMatter #ThisIsWhatCommunityLooksLike #ThisIsWhatRecoveryLooksLike

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