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International Day of Hope in Golden Valley, MN.

May 2, 2023

City of Golden Valley, MN. Council Meeting

On May 2, 2023 Founder of Bold North Recovery, and long time resident of Golden Valley Minnesota, Randy Anderson was honored to accept a Proclamation issued by the Mayor and approved by the full city council recognizing May 1, 2023 as International Day of Hope in the City of Golden Valley Minnesota. Click HERE to view video.

What is International Day of Hope?

A day focused on celebrating the Science of Hope, ensuring all know how to proactively manage hopelessness, and provide strategies for ‘how’ to activate hope. As hopelessness (emotional despair and motivational helplessness) is normal and often a consequence of oppression and discrimination, we must take a whole society approach to hope. The International Day of Hope allows us to join in solidarity on a single day to share the science, stories, and strategies of hope, and to activate the “how-to” of hope in our lives and in communities around the world.

We aim to have the United Nations create an official resolution to establish the The International Day of Hope, where we kick off a five-day campaign to activate hope in communities through the use of the Five Day Global Hope Challenge, yard signs, sunflower gardens, workplace educational posters, sunflower SHINE murals, live speaking events, teaching Hopeful Minds in the classroom, and so much more. We also ask Mayors, Governors, and schools to issue a Proclamation for their town and environment, showing solidarity in making the day official and joining the Hopeful Cities Movement.

To learn for about International Day of Hope:

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